Flaeming Skate

Flaeming Skate is a bike route network located about an hour drive to south from Berlin. You can find something like 200 kilometers of skating routes with a great smooth surface.

The routes are mostly quite flat, but there are also some hills that can be challenging to skate down, at least for beginners.  If you check the map from  Flaeming-skate.de  you can see that all the challenging (down)hills are marked.

Routes run mostly through forests and farming fiels e.g. sunflower fiels. Routes are safe as there are not so many crossings with motorized traffic.  All the existing crossings are safe;  there are warning signs and gates to make sure the skating speed is reduced when crossing the road.

A one week trip to Flaeming Skate has been a must for several years already. In the end of July, when I commonly visit the area,  the weather is warm and sunny, and as the holiday season in Germany has not yet started, it is quite easy to get an accommodation and the routes are not too crowded.

Along the routes you cand find gasthauses and several other places to have a break with some beverages and food.  However, I  strongly recommended that you take a proper amount of drinking water with you as there are also long legs with no services available.

Route options

As Flaeming Skate is a network of skating routes, it is quite easy to vary the route so that you don’t have to skate the same route every day. Also you can combine the routes to create a longer trip .

RK5 is a skate route with a length of 50 kilometers.  Like most of the routes in Flaming Skate area the tarmac is very smooth and skatable. If you skate the route clockwise, there is an long uphill (between 15-20 km in the map below).  After the uphill you can reward yoursef with a beer or two in Gutshaus Petkus, which is located just beside the route.  Depending on the starting point, you should also consider to take take couple of extra kilometers by followin the northern section of RK2. Once again there is a great place to stop (for a beer): Gasthaus Zum Eichenkranz.

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