Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

About a three-mile loop in the Park close to the Fort Lauderdale Beach. Smooth asphalt and very luisteltava. The direction of rotation counterclockwise. In the North in the direction of the potkittaessa is in line with the pöpelikköä of the image of the landscape on the route.  You can link in the eastern side of the straight after the rain to dry very slowly.   To the South while turning opens the channel view. If luistelulta can, can drool on the other side of a nice-looking houses or channels… or well, so the ships they Comfrey as a measurement on the tree. The Park has an entrance fee. In December 2015, the price was $2 a person (pedestrian/cyclist). The pricing though, it was time for an American: the car where a six dollar 2-8 people got to the Park. Link in a couple in the parking lot. Link can get around by car, but at least Smith skating times no drivers had more than a few = does not hurt. Really the only obstacle on the route is the fact that the starting point of the return to the stop sign.  Is it now actually stop by need, but visibility is poor in the direction of sisäänajoportin, that it is worth a little himmata before curves for the new round. Info about the Park. The route you can visit the Google Street view:

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