Is this the  the original Haibike new bike quality & packaging? says the bike I ordered and received is in original Haibike package and totally unused.  Maybe unused, but Haibike, is this your level of finishing and the way of packing your bikes in the factory as says?

  • no Haibike information in the box cover
  • steering bar installed
  • no box for the battery (as was with the first bike I ordered in Nov 2019)
  • the quality of the box is much much weaker than the box that the first bike was delivered in.
  • I haven’t unboxed the bike yet because I need more information of the bike (is it showroom bike as it shouldn’t be etc.)
Finishing quality of the Haibike?
Stains that cannot be removed with a finger. Sunburned painting?
Motor cover missing!
Bubbles in the painting (heat?)!